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We desire for everyone in the G&C ministry to be involved in a Bible Study or Small Group. Below is a list of the current study opportunities available through the G&C ministry and other Briarwood ministries. If you would like to be in a Bible Study/Small Group within the G&C ministry please fill out the G&C Bible Study/Small Group form on the right.

COED: Gospel in Life

topic:Gospel in Life (study by Tim Keller)
dates:July 10 - August 28{Thursdays}
time:7:00-8:30 pm
leader:Jason Ellerbee
location:Briarwood(Caroline House)
cost:$10 (for book)
text:Gospel in Life by Tim Keller
For more information, please contact Jason Ellerbee

MEN: Men of the Covenant Summer Studies

topic:Every Man's Battles – Common Struggles for Men
dates:June 11 - August 20{Wednesdays}
time:6:30 am
location:Briarwood(Fellowship Hall)
In studying areas where men commonly struggle, our desire will be to consider biblically how we can put off the old and put on the new in Christ. We’ll examine lust, purity, anger, integrity, pride, expectations, money, stress and sacrifice.
topic:Cold-Case Christianity
dates:June 11 - August 20{Wednesdays}
time:11:45 am
location:Briarwood(Fellowship Hall E&F)
text:Cold-Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace
note:No meeting on Wednesday, July 3rd
J. Warner Wallace, an atheist homicide detective, investigated the claims of the gospels and concluded that they were true, which led to a personal faith in Christ. This book study will help prepare you to “Contend for the Faith” using the evidential truths of Christianity. Lunch available for $5. RSVP to
For more information on MOTC studies, please visit

WOMEN: Barbara Barker Summer Bible Study

dates:June 13 - ???{Fridays}
time:9:30-11:00 am
teacher:Barbara Barker
location:3181 Dolly Ridge Rd, Cahaba Heights
Fridays at 9:30 am for coffee and muffins, then study from 10:30-11:00 am


Looking for a bible study or have general questions regarding bible studies and small groups?

MEN: please contact Jason Ellerbee

WOMEN: please contact Bree Wiersma

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